Universal Laminated Absorbent Pads

Universal Laminated Absorbent Pads

Our most durable sorbent pad combining two technologies to form one super-strong pad. A thirsty absorbent layer of meltblown is bonded between two layers of lint-free, spunbond fabric. These lint-free pads will not contaminate your equipment. Use in areas that require a durable, long-lasting pad. The spunbond polypropylene increases the strength and durability of the pads so they can be perforated like a paper towel. Perforations will help reduce waste and allow you to use the exact amount needed for the job.

• Stronger tensile strength than the Dimpled, Bonded or Fine Fiber Pads.
• Two sides of lint-free spunbond that can be used for wiping.
• Perforated every 7.5” vertically and 19” horizontally to waste less.
• Dark gray pads hide grime, which makes pads last longer.

Constructed with 3 layers of polypropylene

Durability Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Three layers, bonded together: 2 layers of lint-free spunbond fabric with a 1 layer meltblown core.

• Oil
• Water
• Water-based chemicals

• Industrial
• Automotive